• All Combos come with a can drink
Burgers & Sandwiches

Chicken sandwich grilled, Chicken sandwich fried, Chicken sandwich grilled Combo, Chicken sandwich fried Combo, Philly Chicken sandwich, Philly Beef sandwich, Chicken sandwich Combo, Philly Beef sandwich Combo, Grilled Cheese sandwich, Grilled Cheese Combo, Gyro sandwich, Gyro sandwich Combo, BLT sandwich, BLT sandwich Combo, Stack-A-Dog ' Hot Dog ', Stack-A-Dog ' Hot Dog Combo ', GC Feathers Chicken Burger ' Regular ', GC Feathers Chicken Burger ' Combo', Blue Buffalo Chicken sandwich, Blue Buffalo Chicken sandwich Combo, Feathers Club sandwich, Feathers Club Combo, Patty Melt sandwich, Patty Melt sandwich Combo, Fish sandwich, Fish sandwich Combo, Build-A-Burger ' Regular ', Build-A-Burger
' Regular ' Combo, Build-A-Burger ' 1/2 ', Build-A-Burger
' 1/2 ' Combo


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